Sub-project Fleischmann

CHILDREN.RIGHTS.RELIGION: Design Based Research (DBR) on Integrating Child Rights Perspectives into Religious Education (RE) in primary school

Latest research results reveal that the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is still in its early stage. In Germany, up until now, the topic of „children’s rights“ has not sufficiently been addressed in Religious Education (RE) classes, especially in primary schools. The research project “Children.Rights.Religion,” which is located at the interface of RE, primary school didactics and empirical-educational research, aims to address this deficit.

Through the close cooperation between the researcher and RE teachers, a teaching–learning arrangement with central design principles in the form of teaching modules on the topic of children’s rights has been prototyped and is now being tested, evaluated, and further developed in several content-focused, process-focused, iterative and intertwined design cycles.

On the level of local subject-specific theory, it is purposeful to differentiate a theoretically well-founded competence model of children’s rights-related learning with empirical support, in addition to differentiated insights into content specific processes, obstacles, conditions and effects of children’s rights-specific learning processes in RE in primary school.

On the other hand, on the level of teaching–learning arrangement, the goal is to specify and structure the learning content and operationalize concrete design principles that enable and support the children’s rights-related learning process of RE students.

After conducting and analyzing design experiments, the practice-oriented developed learning arrangement as the „developmental product“ will finally be implemented at schools as a course manual with teaching modules for primary school RE teachers.

Keywords: children’s rights, RE, primary school, design-based research, didactical design-research

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Augustine L. Fleischmann

PhD Student

Department of Religious Education Villa St. Paul
Regensburger Straße 160
D-90478 Nuremberg